VR Tour: Stapleton Avenue

The Future of Internet Property Marketing

Here at Real Estate Media, we are convinced that this is the future of internet property listings. Above is our latest VR 360 image gallery that we created on behalf of the client for Redman Casey Estate Agents in Horwich. As you can see, we set our 360 image galleries to spin slowly so that the ability to move the view around is more obvious to your end users. On a desktop computer, you can use the mouse to drag the view in any direction you want to look and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. On tablets and mobile phones, you can accomplish the same thing with standard gestures on the touch screen.

Try it and see what it’s like. You can move between each room in the gallery by clicking the thumbnails along the bottom of the screen and there are more available by scrolling left and right. You can even make the image gallery full screen, which is a great way to show prospective clients a property, “over the counter.”

Also, you can also move between rooms by clicking or tapping on the flashing camera icons. And finally, if you’re feeling a little bit techie and you own one of those new VR headsets that you can put a smartphone into, you can view the 360 image gallery by moving your head and looking around, just like you are there! How clever is that?

Want one?

If you’d like one of our VR 360 image galleries to enhance your property listing, contact us using the details at the bottom of our home page.